Rowse Rakes

Rowse Hydraulic Rakes Company offers a variety of Rakes including Pecan Rakes, Dump Rakes, 12-20 Wheel V-Rakes, and our latest “Ultimate V-Rake”. They are built Rowse Tough and all American made for years of heavy duty, virtually maintenance-free use.


Rowse Hydraulic Rakes Company manufactures both Single Bar and Double Bar Mowers with a wide variety of options, including your choice of Balanced Mower Heads & Sickle Bar Components, or Pitmanless Mower Head & Sickle Bar Components. We have over 18 models to choose from and are the largest manufacturer of Sickle Bar Mowers in the United States!

Other Products

  • Windrow Fluffers for faster curing and drying
  • Scrapers that come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
  • Two-bale hauler