Powder Coating

We use a 5 Stage Process in our Powder Coating.

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1. The fist stage, the products to be coated go thru an etching solution which throughly cleans the metal. This can be seen in the first picture above. A Barbeque Grill, which we powder coated for the local fire department is being sent thru the First Stage.

2. After the products have gone thru the Etching Solution, they are then rinsed with water and sent into a Phosphodizing Solution, which prepares the metal for the powder used in the coating process.

3. After the products go thru the phosphodizing solution, they are rinsed with water again, and then sent thru a rinse sealer which aids the powder to adhere to the metal when it is cured. In the third picture above is the Barbecue Grill coming out of the sealer stage.

The picture on the right shows plow beams coming out of the same stage. These plow beams are used in our mower assemblies.

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4. After the products have gone through our 5 stage preparation process, they are then run through a Dry Off Oven. This is the last stage before the actual powder is applied. The powder is placed in a container and is then "fluidized", air is pumped into the powder which suspends it so it will flow like fluid, even though it is still a dry powder. The powder is applied by using spray guns. Products are sprayed from both sides to ensure complete coverage.

5. After the products have been completely coated with the powder, they are then ready to go into the oven for curing. Curing time and oven temperature are dependent on the product being coated. Large, heavy guage products will take longer to cure and will need to be cured at a higher temperature than small, light guage products. The picture on the left shows the Barbecue Grill after it has been coated just before it enters the oven. The picture below, shows the plow beams just prior to entering the oven.


The Finished Products

Once cured and cooled, you can be assured that the product has an extremely tough, durable, hard finish that will be able to withstand all kinds of conditions and extremes.

If you are interested in this service or would like more information, please contact Rod, Dan or Troy at 402-336-3255.


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